Jency + Mike | Boston Engagement

Two weekends ago, my friend/photographer Thuy invited me to join along on an engagement session she had planned. it was the week after I had to bring my camera in to fix, so I was pretty bummed to be camera-less for the session. But… being the awesome friend that Thuy is, she was super generous to have shared her camera with me, so that I could get in on some shots. {Thanks again Thuy!!}

We had amazing weather and a very lovely couple who was down for anything and everything! It was just a delight!

Here are the shots I took with Thuy’s Mark II… sad to say, I forgot a lot of the settings for Canon, BUT, at least the photos came out alright!

Be sure to check out Thuy’s photos of Jency & Mike on Thuy Pham Photography! They came out SO great!


amie - June 20, 2012 - 9:48 am

Jenn, these are gorgeous!


stitch & chocolate | boston pet photography

ever since stitch and chocolate came into my life, i’ve been wanting to tell their story and also do a photo feature of them with nhan, since he has made a big impact on their lives. i’m really excited to be sharing this and hope you guys enjoy their little story!

2 years ago, nhan hadn’t really planned or looked into being a dog owner. until one day, he received an email from a friend in california asking if anyone would save a terrier/poodle puppy from a kill shelter. apparently the terrier/poodle called “bowser” (now renamed to stitch), was scheduled to be put to sleep because his time in the kill shelter was up. without a pause, nhan instantly wanted to save stitch and take care of him.

now 2 years later, stitch and nhan are so attached to each other, they are inseparable! when i see them two together, i know it was meant to be. not only did nhan save stitch, but stitch had saved him too. they are so lucky to have each other!

now, just about a year and half after nhan got stitch, we encountered another puppy that was in need of some training. this puppy, named “lulu” (now named chocolate), is also a mix…chihuahua/pomeranian (you probably saw him in my previous post). unfortunately, chocolate was given away and then badly abused. thankfully, his original owner found out and took him back right away. but it really scarred chocolate and made him into a ferocious little puppy. that’s when nhan was asked to help train chocolate since he did such a good job with stitch. (by the way, people who know nhan, call him the dog whisperer!)

i remember the first time i met chocolate, he was so afraid of me he would try every way to avoid me, if i came close to him he would start to growl. i have to admit, i was actually scared of him! but luckily, it only took a few days for chocolate to trust me and allow me to hold him. from that point, i started to see his softer side and understand where he came from and why he behaves the way he does. if you had asked me then, i wouldn’t have even thought chocolate would grow on me that quick. so it was to my own surprise, i wanted to keep him within that week. nhan asked if we could keep him and just like that, he became ours.

ever since chocolate joined our little family, him and stitch got a long so well, they are like brothers and best friends… at least thats what i like to think! it is hard to tell they like each other sometimes, but at the end of the day, when they are both exhausted, you will find one of them plop right next to the other, and rest their head on one another. we were very fortunate to have found them both and have them be part of our lives.

love you boys!


jen - June 14, 2012 - 11:32 am

Great photos and story. Chocolate and Stitch are adorable.

amie - June 14, 2012 - 7:55 am

jenn these are adorable! :-)


my dog chocolate | pet photography

it was just a typical weeknight, just watching tv in the living room while playing with the new nikon flash that i rented for the weekend. i turn around on the sofa and saw my cute little chihuahua/pomeranian lay his head down… and slowly closing his eyes. i was lucky i had my camera with me at the time… otherwise if i had moved to get it, this shot would have been a lost cause…

introducing to you, my dog, chocolate.



daniel & mandy | baby and kids portraiture boston

i know you’ve already had a sneak peek, but i am excited to finally introduce to you these two little rugrats!

mandy, 4 and 1/2 year old sister of daniel, is quite a smart and enthusiastic little girl. if you ask her about family members and their relationship to her, she can distinguish each and every one of them. she was even able to tell me who her second cousin’s mother’s brother is! she really impressed me, maybe because she was able to say it in chinese… which i am horrible at!

daniel is 5 months old and he is such a well “rounded” little guy! he can just chill by himself while i-wen {their mom} and i were busy shooting mandy.

when it came to be daniel’s turn in the spotlight, mandy would jump right in. you would think she wanted all the attention, but that wasn’t the case. she just wanted to be right next to her baby brother at all times. i think mandy wanted to protect daniel. it was the sweetest thing when she told me multiple times to be extra careful with him.

two were full of energy. kids can turn anything into a fun time even a photo shoot. but at the end, it was definitely time for their nap!

oh! i forgot to mention that mandy is the year of the pig… just like me! it was also convenient that i had a stuffed animal pig with me!


tran - May 24, 2012 - 9:52 am

Omg! So cute. U’ve captured the essense of the artistic and cuteness so well!


sneak peek | daniel & mandy chen | baby & kids portraiture

yay for brother and sisterly love! i’m excited to be sharing for whats to come! stay tuned for more of these two!

kbd - May 22, 2012 - 2:26 pm

Gosh, what beautiful children! You have captured their sweetness so well.