Jessica Chien | Senior Portrait, North Attleboro High

It was a very hot humid evening in the town of North Attleboro. Jessica Chien had an idea for a great location to take her photos. She directed us to a hidden horse ranch and farm that wasn’t too far from where we were. The location was perfect since there were hardly anyone around. We basically had the area to ourselves. It gave us some ideas to be bold and brave! Jessica has such a fun spirit. She was daring enough to sit in the middle of the road for one of our shots! Don’t worry it was a pretty empty road that barely had any traffic. Of course we made sure to be safe and had some help to tell us if there was any cars coming! Even though we were pretty safe, I do not recommend trying this!!

Come September, Jessica Chien will be starting her last year at North Attleboro High. Jessica is a very smart and ambitious girl, she enjoys swimming which makes her job easy as she works at the town pool as a life guard. She’s even thought about college already and dreams to be a fashion designer.

This was such a fun session, hope you enjoy!


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Lilly + Dan | Arnold Arboretum and Beacon Hill Engagement

So happy to introduce my good friend Lilly and her fiance Dan. I met Lilly when we were in high school and ended up going to the same college where we also became each others roommate for 4 years. It’s one of those friendships where you can’t remember how you became friends, it just happened so fast and instant. That’s when you know those are the best kind of friendships that are meant to last. I won’t say too much about Lilly just cause I know she would probably kill me for leaking out her info like that… haha just kidding, although she is kinda private! But I will say, Lilly has come a long way to get to this point. She is one of the most kind, caring and patient person I know and I am SO happy that she has finally found her guy!

I am so glad I got to do her engagement photos for her and Dan. We had to postpone a few times because of the nasty rain from a while ago (yep, that’s how long it took us to get these photos!) When they day finally came, we decided to take a peaceful stroll at the Arnold Arboretum in Brookline, MA and ended up at the Back Bay, it turned out to be a wonderful evening and well worth the wait. Lilly told me that she and Dan were a bit apprehensive about the shoot. But I have to say, with minimal directions, they were naturals in front of the camera. It was too cute!

Congratulations (again) Lilly and Dan!
Very soon I will get to celebrate their big day as a very honored, maid of honor. I cannot wait!!


love this outfit for lilly, so pretty and well put together!

Juliana - July 12, 2012 - 9:43 am

So pretty, so sweet, Jenn!

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The Liang Family | Elm Bank Wellelsey, MA Portraiture

After 2 attempts, I finally got some photos down of this lovely family… my family. I’d like to introduce to you William, Winnie and Abigail, the newest addition to the Liang family. With the family’s busy schedule, both having only 1 day off in the week, they manage to fit everything they need to get done plus adding me!

I’m so glad I got to document them and my niece Abby. Because of all that goes on in their lives, time passes by so fast and before you know it, Abby will be getting ready for her senior prom! Once in a while, it’s good to take the time, dress up, and take a photo of the moments you would want to look back at.

W+W+A Love you guys!



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Amanda + Shaun | Elm Bank Wellesley Engagement

The anticipation is finally over! Here are the photos of Amanda’s and Shaun’s engagement session that I’ve been excited to share with you all. This session was our first meeting with each other in person. Amanda and Shaun lives in Brooklyn, NY and even though it is not incredibly far it was still tough to get together with our busy schedules. Fortunately on the weekend of June 16th, Amanda and Shaun came up to Boston for a live band gig that Shaun was participating in as the drummer and surprisingly I was free! After a week of rainy days, we were lucky to have nice weather so we met up at the horticulture garden in Wellesley. I’m really glad everything worked out as it did because they are such a lovely couple to photograph. This sets the tone for their October 13th wedding day.


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Jency + Mike | Boston Engagement

Two weekends ago, my friend/photographer Thuy invited me to join along on an engagement session she had planned. it was the week after I had to bring my camera in to fix, so I was pretty bummed to be camera-less for the session. But… being the awesome friend that Thuy is, she was super generous to have shared her camera with me, so that I could get in on some shots. {Thanks again Thuy!!}

We had amazing weather and a very lovely couple who was down for anything and everything! It was just a delight!

Here are the shots I took with Thuy’s Mark II… sad to say, I forgot a lot of the settings for Canon, BUT, at least the photos came out alright!

Be sure to check out Thuy’s photos of Jency & Mike on Thuy Pham Photography! They came out SO great!


amie - June 20, 2012 - 9:48 am

Jenn, these are gorgeous!

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